Alzheimer's In Silico


Project Development Team

Leah Edelstein-Keshet (Team Leader)

Athan Spiros (PDF)


Magdalena Luca (graduate student)

Alexandra Chavez-Ross (PDF)


General Description

The following web pages represent an ongoing project aimed at developing a set of realistic in-silico simulations of processes associated with Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and neurodegeneration. The programs we are developing are java-based, accessible over the web, and designed to enable exploration of numerous biologically-based parameters influencing disease progression.

Links to the literature base, and full derivations of assumptions, parameters, and interactions are also provided. If you have comments about these simulations, or would like to contact us, kindly email


Department of Mathematics at the University of British Columbia

The Institute of Applied Mathematics
at UBC

The Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences


(1) Support during our first year of operation was provided by In Silico Biosciences, Robert Carr, president.
(2) We are also funded under Biomedical Models of Cellular and Physiological Systems and Disease by the Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems (MITACS), under the Network of Centers of Excellence (NCE) program of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research of Canada (NSERC).

Last Updated: June 15, 2001
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