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Richard's Informal Advice

(last update March 2012)

My intention for this webpage is to give you access through the departmental website to some webpages of information that I have maintained. Many of your questions could be answered through the FAQ document at Advising tab of departmental website.

I make no promise that everything will be current in what follows, check the date the page was posted. The collected information below arose in my role as Chief Advisor, which roughly speaking means `advisor to the advisors', and in preparing advising sessions for students. If you wish to see additional information you can request it (my email is anstee at math dot ubc dot ca) and maybe I'll be able to put some information up on this page. Of course the most useful advice will be obtained by asking questions of your professors. I would also ask you to consult the list of advisors again at Advising tab . The advisors are well prepared to help you.

For an outline from our information session to students in first year interested in Mathematics see
Mathematics Information Session, March 27, 2012 with some quite interesting links contained therin.

For information for students approaching their final year see
Mathematics Information Session for graduating students, April 3, 2012 with some quite interesting information including anecdotes from UBC students who have pursued various options on graduation.

For information for students wishing to pursue research in Mathematics after graduation see
Research bound Mathematics Students with some specific advice about applying for research graduate schools and scholarships. I included a brief discussion on the new phenomena of one year destination masters programs.

Best wishes Richard Anstee