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Math Grads' Skills

This is a partial list of some the skills you have developed:

Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, Science, Critical Thinking, Active Learning, Persuasion, Complex Problem Solving, Operations Analysis, Programming, Operation Monitoring, Operation and Control, Troubleshooting, Judgment and Decision Making, Systems Analysis, Systems Evaluation, ... And Many More!

Solving an integral by itself or some other single specific Mathematical technique is not the skill you will be valued for.


Javed Iqbal has run the program for many years. It is located close to Science Advising, room 170 Physics and Chemistry. You must apply, usually at the end of you second year. Javed indicates that he can still consider applications in the next week or so even though the deadline (March 15) has passed. The program has become quite a success with approx 15 students currently. The typical path is to have two 8 month work terms although it is possible that it might be combined into one massive 16 month work term for those in Honours programs where course availability can be an issue. The typical jobs have some Math content and are certainly useful in making University financially viable. Javed indicated the need for some basic STAT and CPSC; say MATH 302 and STAT 305 and CPSC 111 and 211 plus perhaps more. Such basic skills are valued and may be required for a successful job placement. javed mention jobs at Stats Canada, HSBC,.. He mentioned that he liked joint degree students and sometimes MATH/CPSC wins over CPSC.

Actuarial Science

Actuaries are involved in estimating pension benefits, establishing damages in the case of injuries (estimating `lifetime' earnings) etc. This job uses quite a bit of Math and surveys say it has high job satisfaction. Joel Friedman is the current Actuarial Advisor. He is in Room Math 210 email The entry job market for actuaries has varied from more placements that qualified students to almost no placements. Students write exams (can begin during their time at UBC) based on course material. necessary: MATH 200, 221, 302 , STAT 305, 306. Other majors courses useful include MATH 307,307,340,441,303 with harder but useful courses including MATH 418, STAT 404, 460...

Graduate Studies

A number of the career options involve graduate studies such as M.Sc in Statistics or Ph.D. in Operations and Logistics or a Ph.D. in Mathematics. The entry standards for graduate programs vary and are often quite high. A typical Majors might not qualify while a typical honours may qualify. For Mathematics, a course like MATH 320 is a useful indicator, regardless of whether student is in Majors or Honours. but the course is quite hard.

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