Atharva Korde


About Me: I am a third year PhD student in the mathematics department at UBC. My advisor is Kai Behrend.

Interests: Algebraic Geometry and Complex Geometry. More specifically, Moduli Spaces and Deformation Theory, Algebraic Stacks, Calabi-Yau Threefolds and Mirror Symmetry.

Contact / E-mail: MATH 124, Mathematics Building / atharva at math dot ubc dot ca

Expository notes

Other: Before UBC, I was an undergraduate at IIT Bombay, India. I know a decent amount of (algebraic) number theory from undergrad and I came to grad school with the intention of studying that, however it's no longer a 'research interest'. But I still like to learn something about deformations of group/Galois representations in my free time.