Atharva Korde


About Me: I am a fourth year PhD student in the mathematics department at UBC. My advisor is Kai Behrend.

Interests: Complex Algebraic Geometry, Moduli Spaces and Invariants: Donaldson-Thomas Theory, Calabi-Yau Categories and Algebras, Quivers and Quiver Varieties.

E-mail: atharva at math dot ubc dot ca

Expository Notes

Handwritten Notes for some introductory talks on Gromov-Witten (and Donaldson-Thomas) Theory

Teaching at UBC:
In Winter 2019 Term 1, I held workshop classes for Math 184 - Differential Calculus (for Social Science and Commerce).
In Winter 2022 Term 1 & 2, I held workshop classes for Math 110 - Differential Calculus.
In Winter 2023 Term 1, I held workshop classes for Math 190 - Calculus Survey (for Forestry students).

Other: Before joining UBC for a PhD, I was an undergraduate at IIT Bombay, India.