Jim Carrell

Office: Math Annex 1219
Phone: (604) 822-5908
Fax: (604) 822-6074
Email: carrell at math dot ubc dot ca

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Math 223 Fall 2005
Math 422-501 Fall 2005

Math 422-501 Assignment 2.
Math 422-501 Assignment 3 (corrected version).
Sample Midterm Problems

Math 223 webpage.
Research areas

Algebraic transformation groups, algebraic geometry and Lie theory

Twenty first century papers
  • (with Kiumars Kaveh and Volker Puppe) Torus actions, vector fields and equivariant cohomology, preprint 2004.

  • (with Jochen Kuttler) Bruhat Graphs, Tangent Cones and the Singular Loci of Schubert Varieties: to appear in Amer. J. Math. (2005): download as a pdf-file.

  • (with Michel Brion) Equivariant cohomology of regular varieties: Mich. Math. J. 52 (2004), 189-203. download as pdf-file.

  • (with Jochen Kuttler) Singular Points of $T$-varieties in $G/P$ and the Peterson Map: Invent. Math. 151, 353-379 (2003) download as pdf-file.

  • (with Alexandre Kurth) Normality of Torus Orbits in $G/P$: J. Algebra Vol. 233 (2000), 122-134.