Mathematics 308 - Spring 1996 - Euclidean geometry

Student projects

These are the projects submitted at the end of the Spring term for 1996. Those with an extension .psa are PostScript files which involve animation through page-turning (like those old cartoon books). To see them, you should load them to your local machine and run them with an interpreter such as GhostScript rather than a window environment like GhostView. This is the way to get fast enough page-turning.

The only class projects which are not displayed here are those which didn't run. There is no particular order to these. Have patience - some are slow loading but worth the wait.

A tennis game by Mirando Ko, Stephen Lau, and Anita Liu

An Escher figure by Kenneth Wiens

Orbits and more orbits by Alec Mackay and Kevin Bahng

A conic intersection by Philip Pheng Thov

A torus by Sital Bains

Dice by Richard So

Pythagoras by Kenny Chiu

Pythagoras by Thong Huynh

Faces by Don Munro

Antique dice by Daniel Rochon

A cone by Bill Forster

Spirals by Priscilla Jaw

Campbell's by Cathy Morrsion

Surfaces by Dean Sheardown

Polyhedra by Victoria Yee

Dropping ball by Kim Chen