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eatenus : so far, thus far, up to then.
ebullio : to boil up, bubble up, to appear, produce in abundance.
ecclesia : church.
econtra : the same as contra: against, opposite, etc.
ecquando : at any time? ever?
edico : to announce, declare.
editio : the publishing of a book, an announcement.
edo : put forth, give out.
edo edi essum : to eat, consume, devour, waste.
edoceo : to inform fully, instruct thoroughly.
educo : to draw out, lead out, march out / bring up, rear / sue.
effectus : doing, execution, performance, effect, result.
effero extuli elatum : to carry out, bury, lift up, exalt.
effervo : to boil up.
efficio : to do, produce, effect, make / bring about, cause / prove.
effringo effrego : break, break open.
effugio : (effugi effugiturus ) : flee from, escape, elude, run away.
effundo : to pour out, pour forth, shed, utter.
egenus : in want of, in need of, destitute.
egeo : to need, lack, want, be without.
ego : I ; I can't live without you, baby.
egredior : (egressus ) : to go out, leave, depart, exit.
eicio eiectum : to throw out, eject, drive out.
elatus : puff-up, proud of oneself, arrogant.
electus : chosen, select.
elementum : first principle, element, basic constituent.
elemosina : alms
elemosinarius : almoner, person in charge of providing charity.
eligo : to pick out, select, choose.
eloquens : eloquent, persuasive, fluent.
eloquentia : eloquence, readiness of speech, fluency, persuasiveness.
eluo : to wash out, rinse cleanse / squander, waste.
eluvies : a flowing over, flood, innundation.
eluvio : inundation.
emanio : to flow out, spread / arise, emanate, originate.
emendo : to amend, correct
emercor : to buy up.
emerio : to obtain by service, earn completely, deserve well.
emineo : to stand out, project, be remarkable, conspicuous.
eminor : to threaten, menace.
eminus : at a distance, from a distance.
emiror : to wonder at exceedingly.
emo emi emptum : to buy, purchase.
emoveo : to move away, remove, take away.
emptio : a buying, a purchase.
enim : for, in fact, truly (may often be omitted)
enumero : to count, count up, enumerate.
eo ire itum : to go, advance, proceed, travel, move along, progress.
episcopalis : episcopal
episcopus : bishop
epistula : letter, epistle, missive, message.
epulo : sumptuous food, banquet, feast.
epulor : to feast, feast on.
eques equitis : horseman, cavalry man rider (classical).
equidem : (adv) indeed, truly, for my part.
equitatus : cavalry, horsemen (classical).
equus : horse, steed, mount.
erepo : to creep out, creep over, creep up.
erga : (+ acc.) toward, about.
ergo : (gen. +) on account of, because of.
ergo : (adv.) accordingly, then, therefore.
eripio : (eripui ereptum ) : to snatch away, take away, rescue.
erogo : to pay out.
erogo : to pay out, expend, disburse.
erro : to wander, stray, rove / be mistaken, err, go astray.
error : error, mistake, going astray.
erubesco : to blush, grow red, be ashamed.
erubesco : (+ inf.) to blush to, (+acc.) blush for, respect.
erudio : to instruct, teach, educate.
eruo : to dig up, pull out / raze, demolish.
esurio : to be hungry, to hunger.
et ... et : both ... and.
etenim : for indeed.
etiam : (adv.) even, also.
etsi : (acsi) even if, although.
evenio : to come to pass, happen, befall.
eventus : consequence, issue, result, occurrence, experience.
everto : to turn out, eject, dislodge, overturn / destroy, ruin.
evito : to shun, avoid; also, to kill.
evoco : to draw out, draw on, produce, recall to the colors.
ex : (= e ) : (prep. + abl.) out of, from within, from / on account of.
exaequo exequo : to be like, equal / make level or even, relate.
excedo : (trans.) to exceed, leave, pass beyond.
excellentia : excellence, merit, worth.
excessum : departure, death, digression.
excipio : (excepi exceptum ) : to take out, except / take, capture.
excito : call forth, bring about, wake, raise up.
exclamo : to shout, cry aloud, exclaim, call someone by name.
excludo : to shut out, exclude.
excolo : to honor (a deity), polish, adorn, refine, serve.
excrucio : to torment, torture, cause great pain.
excusatio : excuse.
excuso : to exempt from blame, excuse, make excuses, plead.
exemplar : model, pattern, original, prototype, book to copy.
exemplum : pattern, model, example .
exerceo : to train, cultivate, keep at work, exercise, practice.
exercitus : army.
exertus : tested, tried, approved, experienced.
exesto : extra esto.
exheredo : to disinherit.
exheres : disinherited.
exhibeo exibeo : to produce, show, display, offer, allow, cause.
exhibeo : to show, present, allow, display, present, offer.
exhilaro : to make cheerful.
exhorresco : to be horrified, to shake, shudder / dread, tremble at.
exigo : drive out, force out, exact, demand, sell.
exigo : complete, finish, determine, decide, settle.
exilis : thin, slender, meager.
eximietate : uncommonness, excellence.
eximius : extraordinary, excellent, fine, superb.
eximo : to free, release, take out, remove, waste.
exinde : thence, next / thereupon, after that, then / accordingly.
exitiabilis exitialis exitosus : fatal deadly, destructive, lethal.
exitium : destruction, ruin.
exitus : going out, going forth, exit, end, finish.
exordium : the beginning (especially of a speech).
exorior : to rise, spring up, issue, appear, come forward.
exoro : to prevail upon a person, entreat successfully.
exorsus : begun.
expedio : to release, set free, clear, set straight.
expedio : to free from a snare, disentangle, set free, ready.
expello (expuli expulsum ) : to drive out, expel, force out, banish.
experior (experiri, expertus ) : to try, test, experience, prove.
expers : wanting, destitute of, not sharing in.
expetens : desirous, eager.
expeto : to fall upon.
expeto : to demand, require / desire, strive after, make for.
expilatio : plundering, taking booty.
expiscor : to fish out, find out, discover.
expleo : to make losses good / fulfil, discharge (duties).
expleo explevi expletum : to fill, fill up, complete, finish.
expletio : satisfying.
expletus : (part.) perfect, complete.
explicatus: explanation, exposition.
explico : to unfold, unroll, disentangle / explain, expound.
expono (exposui expositum ) : to set forth, explain, expose.
expositus : open, accessible, exposed.
expostulo : to demand earnestly / to make a claim.
expugno : to capture, overcome, subdue, take by storm, gain.
exquisitus : sought after, exquisite, excellent, fine, delicate.
exsequor exequor : to follow to the grave, follow to the end.
exsequor : to maintain, keep up, carry out, fulfill, accomplish.
exsequor : to execute, avenge, punish / relate, describe, explain.
exsertus exertus : project, thrust forward.
exsilium : exile, banishment.
exspecto : to look for, expect, await, wait for.
exstinguo, exstingui, exstinctum : to extinguish, put out.
exsto : to stand out, be extant, appear, project, show itself.
externus : outer, foreign, outside, external.
extollo : to praise exaggerate / decorate, adorn.
extollo : to lift up, raise up, erect / elevate, exalt.
extorqueo : to twist, wrench, dislocate / extort by force.
extra : (prep. + acc.) beyond, outside.
extremus : outermost, last, extreme.
exturbo : to drive away, thrust out.
exulto : to exult, be joyful.
exuro, exussum : burn down, burn, set on fire.
exustio : burning up, conflagration.

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