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galea : helmet.
Gandavum : Ghent.
gaudium : joy, delight, happiness.
Gemblacensis : Gembloux.
gemo : to sigh, groan, wail.
gens : clan, race, nation, people, tribe.
genus : kind, sort, class, category.
gero : to carry, bear, wear / bear, give birth to / to carry about.
gesto : to carry, bear about.
gestum (gero) : carrying about, conduct (oneself).
gestum (gero) : carriage, bearing / having borne.
gigno (genuit) : to bring forth, bear, beget, father.
glacialis : icy, frozen, full of ice.
gladius : sword.
gloria : fame, renown, glory.
glorior : to glory, boast, pride oneself.
grando, onis : hailstorm.
grassor : go about, go ahead, proceed, attack.
gratia agere : (+ dat.) to thank.
gratia : gratitude, favor.
gratia : in order to, for the sake of, to.
gratia : (in the abl.) on account of.
gratulor : to wish a person joy, congratulate (+dat.),give thanks
gratus : pleasing, agreeable / grateful.
gravatus : sick, oppressed, ill.
gravis : heavy, weighty, serious, important / severe, grievous.
gravitas : weight, seriousness, dignity, importance.
graviter : heavily, seriously.
gravo : to oppress, burden, make suffer.
gregatim : in troops, or crowds.
gregatim : adv., In flocks, herds, troops, crowds.
gusto : to taste.

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