Math 152 section 208: Linear Systems: spring 2018

Colin Macdonald
cbm [at] math ubc ca
LSK 303c
Tu/Th 8:00–9:30, LSK 201
Office Hours
10 mins after each lecture;
LSK303c: Thurs 9:30am–10:15am;
Online Tues 8:30pm–9:30pm at
Midterms and exams
see common course website


This page will contain any material specific to Section 208; for most things, see the common course webpage.

Office hours

I'm going to experiment with having an evening office hour online. To participate, come to (no software required other than a modern webbrowser). Tuesday evenings 8:30pm–9:30pm, subject to change.

Scanned lectures

I will upload scans of what I write on the doc-cam; these are not a substitute for the textbook on the common course website.