Math 253 - 2022S1, May–June 2022

Zitrus algebraic surface
Instructor: Colin Macdonald
Email:cbm (at) math ubc ca
Office:LSK 303c.
Office hours:TBA on Canvas
Lectures: in-person / stream online.

Information about the textbook, the topics, the marking scheme, and policies can be found in the Course Syllabus. A rough syllabus is given below. The material below generally applies to all sections, unless other information has been provided by your instructor. This course is using UBC's Canvas system.

Mode of delivery

Math 253 will be lectured with a mix of in-person lectures and online streaming. My intention is that most lectures will be delivered in-person (and also steamed live). It is possible that some lectures may be delivered online-only (with no in-person).

You may attend most lectures in-person, or you may attend some and stream others, as you wish (for example, if you don't want to come in to campus every day). In any case, the lectures are live and we expect you to attend in a synchronous fashion. We will (attempt to) take questions during lectures from the live audience and also monitor the chat for questions.

We will endeavor to record the lectures for later review, but these are provided on a best-effort basis and are not the primary mode of instruction.

NOTE this is not an online course; there will be several in-class synchronous assessments. Please also be aware the final exam will be written in-person as per UBC guidelines.

General info


We are the using the UBC textbook CLP-III Multivariable Calculus by Joel Feldman, Andrew Rechnitzer and Elyse Yeager. It is free and downloadable at no cost from the link above.

For additional practice problems or for alternate coverage of the material, we suggest APEX Calculus Volume 3 by Gregory Hartman (freely available) and/or "Multivariable Calculus, Stewart, 7th Edition" (traditional textbook).


There will be graded homework using WeBWorK and PrairieLearn.

Optional problems: There will be suggested practice problems from the book and other sources which will not be collected or marked for credit.
You are encouraged to do lots of problems, this is the best way to learn the subject.
There will also be optional WeBWorK, which will not count towards your mark for the course. Initially its due date will be the same as the required WeBWorK assignment. Answers will become available at the due date. Optional WeBWorK is can also be accessed until the Final Exam.

Contacting your instructor

Grade change requests: Any requests to reconsider grades (homework, midterm, etc) should include the regrade request form.

Email sent without "253" in the subject is very likely to be ignored.

Course topics