Plom can manage solutions for your exam. These are used for showing solutions on-screen to markers and for returning a custom solutions file alongside a student’s returned work.

The solutions can be revised, at least until they are returned to students.

Making solutions

Your solutions can use the same structure as your blank exam or a completely different structure. See plom-solutions --help for details.

Getting solutions onto the server

The command-line tool plom-solutions can extract solutions from PDF files, push to server, etc. See plom-solutions --help for more information.

The plom-manager GUI tool currently allows some manipulation of the solutions but is not yet a replacement for the command-line tool.

Preparing solutions for students

As part of a digital return, The command-line tool plom-finish can construct individual PDF files for each student based on the question-versions used in their test. See Returning Work to Students for more information.

Technical docs

  • The command-line tool plom-solutions is the current front-end for most tasks related to returning work.

  • For scripting or other advanced usage, you can import in your own Python code. See module.