Daniel Coombs Research Interests

Immune cell signaling and its consequences

  • Immune cell signaling.
  • Cell-surface receptor motility and cell-surface dynamics.
  • T and B cell immune synapse.
  • Immunoadhesin/antibody-mediated cell adhesion.
  • Spatial localization of B cell signaling proteins.

    Multiscale infectious disease models

  • Understanding the selective pressures on infectious diseases arising from competition at the within-host and between-host levels.
  • Applications to evolution of chronic viral disease.
  • Metapopulation (patch/network) epidemic modeling.

    Applications to human disease

  • HIV virus dynamics in vivo and across populations
  • Amyloid polymerization and clearance (related to diabetes and Alzheimer's disease).
  • Modeling the opioid overdose epidemic and using mathematical modeling to study the efficacy of governmental responses.

    Improving biophysical parameter measurement

  • Understanding and improving binding kinetic measurement with BIAcore (surface plasmon resonance).
  • FRAP (fluorescence recovery after photobleaching) analysis for the mobility of cell-surface proteins.
  • Fitting single-particle-tracking (SPT) data for cell-surface proteins to more complex models.
  • Modeling and interpretation of super-resolution microscopy.

    Daniel Coombs / Department of Mathematics / University of British Columbia

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