Frequently Asked Questions

Undergraduate advising (general)

Questions on any of the following topics can be addressed to me at the email address found on my Contact Info page:

Questions on most other advising issue should probably be directed to a Faculty of Science Advisor or a Faculty of Arts Advisor with the following exceptions:

Listed below you will find links to various UBC web pages with information that might be useful in answering some common questions. I've ordered these by the frequency with which I refer to them in answer to students questions.

Mathematics courses (currently offered) - link
Mathematics courses (complete list) -link
Mathematics program requirement broken down by year - Science, Arts
Undergraduate section of the Mathematics Department page -link
Academic year - deadlines, holidays, term start/end dates -link
Credit exclusion list -link
Graduation, degree, promotion requirements -link
Info on declaring a specialization online, self-declarable specializations - link
Info on declaring a specialization online, when/how to - link
Minor in Science - link
Minor in Honours Math for Applied Science students -link
Mathematics Info Session page -link
UBC Calendar - link

Graduate school in mathematical biology

Here are a list of questions pertaining to undergraduate research and graduate school in mathematical biology.