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International Conference on Mathematical Biology and

Annual Meeting of The Society for Mathematical Biology,

July 27-30, 2009

University of British Columbia, Vancouver



Session F

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm, July 29
CTF1Woodward 1
ThemePhysiological control and structure
Session chairChetan Gadgil
CTF2Friedman 153
ThemeMathematical physiology
Session chairTom Andersson
CTF3Woodward 3
ThemeCancer therapy
Session chairRuss Rockne
CTF4Woodward 4
ThemeUndergraduate education
Session chairMajid Masso
CTF5Woodward 5
ThemePopulation dynamics
Session chairChristina Cobbold
CTF6Woodward 6
ThemeVector-borne diseases and cardiac physiology
Session chairHyun Yang
ThemeT cell immunology
Session chairOmer Dushek