Mathematics 226, Section 101

Advanced Calculus I

Department of Mathematics Undergraduate Math courses University of British Columbia

Prerequisite: Either (a) a score of 68% or higher in MATH 121 or (b) a score of 80% or higher in one of MATH 101, MATH 103, MATH 105, SCIE 001.

Corequisite: One of MATH 152, MATH 221, MATH 223.


Joel Feldman

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Robert A. Adams and Christopher Essex, Calculus: Several Variables.

I will post all handouts, problem sets, etc. on the web here.


  1. Brief Introduction to Vectors (§ 10.1-10.4): vectors in R2 and R3, inner product, cross product, lines and planes.
  2. Differentiation (§ 12.1-12.3, § 12.5-12.8, § 12.4, § 12.9): limits, partial derivatives, tangent planes, chain rule, gradient, directional derivatives, implicit functions, higher order derivatives, equality of mixed partials, Taylor's theorem.
  3. Maxima and Minima (§ 13.1-13.3): local and absolute extrema, classification of critical points, Lagrange multipliers.
  4. Integration (§ 14.1-14.6): double integrals, iteration, improper integrals, polar coordinates, triple integrals, cylindrical and spherical coordinates.