Mathematics 267, Section 203

Mathematical Methods for Electrical and Computer Engineering

Department of Mathematics University of British Columbia

Prerequisites: One of MATH 215, 255, 256, 265 and one of MATH 152, 221, 223.


Joel Feldman

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I will post all handouts, problem sets, etc. on the web here.


  1. Review of ordinary differential equations.
  2. Introduction to partial differential equations - wave and diffusion equations.
  3. Method of separation of variables.
  4. Introduction to Fourier Series.
  5. Complex Numbers.
  6. Applications of Fourier Series to circuits.
  7. The Fourier transform with applications.
  8. The Dirac delta function and convolutions.
  9. The telegraph equation.
  10. Discrete Fourier transform.
  11. The z-transform.