Mathematics 317, Section 201

Calculus IV

Department of Mathematics Undergraduate Math courses University of British Columbia

Prerequisites: One of MATH 200, MATH 226, MATH 253. MATH 221 is recommended.


Joel Feldman

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  1. Curves (§1):
        Parametrized curves, velocity, acceleration, arc length, curvature, normal and binormal vectors, tangential and normal components of acceleration.
  2. Vector Fields and Line Integrals (§2):
        vector fields, conservative fields, line integrals.
  3. Surface integrals (§3):
        surfaces, tangent planes, surface area, surface integrals, flux integrals.
  4. Integral Theorems (§4):
         gradient, divergence and curl, vector identities, divergence theorem, Green's theorem, Stokes' theorem, applications.