Note: PDF files can be read with Acrobat Reader, which is available for free from Adobe. There are many other free PDF readers available too. See this Wikipedia page. PostScript files can be read by Ghostview, among other possibilities. This is also free. Acrobat Reader is easier to download and install than Ghostview.

WARNING: This page provides a number of shaded images of surfaces in three dimensions, realised both as PostScript files and as PDF files. But, the PostScript files tend to use PostScript Level 3, which older printers do not understand. Acrobat Reader can display and print the PDF files. But the PDF files tend to be very large (like a few megabytes) and the temporary files that Acrobat Reader produces while printing are huge (like a dozen megabytes).

Torus Torus (donut) [ postscript, pdf ]

Helicoid Helicoid (auger) [ postscript, pdf ]

Hyperbolic Paraboloid Hyperbolic Paraboloid (saddle) [ postscript, pdf ]

Hyperboloid of One Sheet Hyperboloid of One Sheet [ postscript, pdf ]

Hyperboloid of Two Sheets Hyperboloid of Two Sheets [ postscript, pdf ]