t h e   u n d e r g r a d u a t e
  m a t h e m a t i c s   c o l l o q ui u m

UBC/UMC is the undergraduate mathematics colloquium at the University of British Columbia. It puts on talks by mathematicians; the talks are about research in math, and aim to be accessible to undergrads.

The details of the colloquium may be found below. All are welcome.

the next talk

Details on the next UBC/UMC talk will be available shortly.


We're always looking for new ideas. If you'd like to see a particular talk or a particular speaker, or give a talk yourself, drop us a line. (UBC/UMC is run by Fok-Shuen Leung, whose main page is here.)

If you're a student — particularly an undergrad — interested in mathematics, check out the Math Club; they can be found in MATX 1119, and online as well.

If you're an undergrad interested in teaming up with a prof and doing some research in math, the NSERC USRAs (the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Undergraduate Student Research Awards — that's why they have acronyms) are an available opportunity. These talks are a great way to gauge your interest in a professor's research. For USRA details, check out the NSERC site, or ask at the Mathematics Department office.