Statistical Evaluation of Gamelab Experiments

As an introduction and preparation for the European Science Days in Steyr, Austria on The Evolution of Cooperation and Communication in July 2000, Karl Sigmund organized extensive game theoretical experiments on the internet. The statistical evaluation and the results of the different games are discussed below. A version suitable for printing is available in PDF-format (download, 804kB).

Table of contents

  1. One-Player Games
    1. Guess the box
    2. Guess two thirds
    3. Allais paradox
    4. Preference reversal
    5. Utility

  2. Two-Player Games
    1. Prisoner's dilemma
    2. Repeated prisoner's dilemma
    3. Battle of the sexes
    4. Repeated battle of the sexes
    5. Centipede game
    6. Ultimatum game

  3. Four-Player Games
    1. Conditional investment schedules

  4. Five-Player Games
    1. Public Good without punishment
    2. Repeated Public Good without punishment
    3. Public Good with punishment
    4. Repeated Public Good with punishment
    5. Ultimatum game with responder competition
    6. Ultimatum game with proposer competition

Monday, November 6, 2006 written by Christoph Hauert