Combinatorial and Number-Theoretic Methods in Harmonic Analysis

February 15 - April 15, 2003

Erwin Schroedinger Institute, Vienna

Organizers: Alex Iosevich (, Izabella Laba (, Detlef Mueller (

The program will be devoted to the recent applications of combinatorial and number-theoretic methods to problems originating in harmonic analysis. Possible topics include: Our goal is to bring together analysts, combinatorialists, and number theorists who are open to discussing problems and learning methods outside of their usual field of research. We hope that the resulting exchange of ideas will lead to progress on the problems being discussed. This will also be an opportunity for the participants to expand their range of research interests and to learn techniques from other areas of mathematics.

A workshop is scheduled from February 23 to 28; for more details go to We may also organize other activities (e.g. seminars or expository talks) later in the program. Details will be posted later.

General information for visitors to the Erwin Schroedinger Institute is available from the ESI web page at


Name and affiliation Tentative dates of participation
Arutunyunts, Georgyi (University of Missouri)
Barany, Imre (University College London) February 15 - March 1
Brandolini, Luca (University of Bergamo)
Carbery, Anthony (Edinburgh University) 2 weeks, between March 15 - April 15
Cordoba, Antonio (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid) February 15 - 24
Csornyei, Marianna (University College London) February 15 - 24
Erdogan, Burak (UC Berkeley) February 23 - March 3
Furstenberg, Hillel (Hebrew University)
Gnewuth, Michael (Universitaet Kiel) February 22 - March 8
Grafakos, Loukas (University of Missouri at Columbia) February 15 - 28
Green, Ben (Cambridge University) March 17 - 31
Gunturk, Sinan (Courant Institute, NYU) February 21 - March 1
Hofmann, Steve (University of Missouri at Columbia)
Iosevich, Alex (University of Missouri at Columbia) Feb 15-March 2 and March 22 - April 3
Kempe, Michael (Universitaet Kiel) February 22 - March 9
Koldobsky, Alexander (University of Missouri at Columbia) March 23 - April 6
Kolountzakis, Mihail (University of Crete)
Konyagin, Sergei (Moscow State University) February 15 - March 9
Kovrizhkin, Oleg (MIT)
Krop, Elliot (Washington University at St. Louis) February 15 - 28
Laba, Izabella (UBC) March 23 - April 15
Lacey, Michael (Georgia Institute of Technology) February 27 - March 11
Magyar, Akos (University of Georgia) February 15-28
McClain, William (Georgia Institute of Technology) February 26 - March 7
Mockenhaupt, Gerd (Georgia Institute of Technology) February 23 - March 5
Mueller, Detlef (Universitat Kiel) Feb 23 - March 15
Muscalu, Camil (UCLA) March 21 - 30
Nathanson, Melvyn (City University of New York) February 22 - March 1
Oskolkov, Konstantin (University of South Carolina) February 15 - March 15
Pramanik, Malabika (University of Wisconsin)
Ruzsa, Imre (Renyi University) March 17 - April 7
Seeger, Andreas (University of Wisconsin at Madison) March 1 - 9
Sjoelin, Per (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm) February 15 - 28
Sogge, Christopher (Johns Hopkins University)
Solymosi, Jozsef (UCSD) February 16 - March 3
Soria, Fernando (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid) Feb 15 - 28
Thiele, Christoph (UCLA) March 9 - 18
Vega, Luis (Universidad del Pais Vasco) February 21-28 and April 8-15
Volberg, Alexander (Michigan State University) March 1 - 9
Wang, Yang (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Wright, Jim (Edinburgh University) March 1 - 11