Comments on Tao's March 2001 Notices article

This page is addressed mostly to those mathematicians who have been watching the controversy regarding Tao's article and are not quite sure what it is about. So here is what I came up with after going through just the first three pages - two if you don't count the pictures. The rest of the article is not much different, I just have not had the time to write a detailed report on it.

The main problem is that the article (a) does not tell the whole story, and (b) does not say so. Also the facts are not always correct. A related issue is that a lot of people were either not given due credit at all or credited only for very small parts of what they have actually done. This includes Stein, Wolff, Christ, Tomas, Oberlin, Knapp, Cordoba, Seeger, Mockenhaupt, Schlag, Sogge, Carbery, Sjolin, and many many others. It would have been impossible to acknowledge all contributions in just a few pages, but why not at least say that such work exists. And some contributors should have been mentioned anyway - I would particularly like to know why Stein's name never appears in the restriction/Bochner-Riesz part of the article, even though Stein basically fathered and grandfathered that whole area of research.

"Page x, line y/z" will mean line z in column y on page x.

April 2001