Mathematics 620F meeting schedule, Fall 2004

Date TopicsPerson in charge
Sept 15 Roth's theoremMariah Hamel
Sept 22 Progressions of length 4: quadratic uniformityMariah Hamel
Sept 29 Progressions of length 4: the non-uniform caseIzabella Laba
Oct 6 Introduction to ergodic theoryBrian Marcus
Oct 13 Connections between ergodic theory and arithmetic progressionsBrian Marcus
Oct 20 Freiman's Theorem and related topics Roger Woodford
Oct 27 Gowers's version of Balog-Szemeredi theorem Izabella Laba
Nov 3 Conclusion of the analytic proof of Szemeredi's theorem Izabella Laba
Nov 10, 17 Arithmetic progressions in primes Izabella Laba
Nov 24, Dec 1 New directions and open problems Everyone welcome to contribute!
Jan 12, 19 Small ball Michael Lacey
Jan 26, Feb 2 Roth's theorem for triangles: Shkredov's proof Shabnam Akhtari
Feb 9 Introduction to finite field models; Roth's theorem Mariah Hamel
Feb 23 Freiman's theorem in a finite field setting Roger Woodford
March 2 Roth's theorem for triangles - finite field version Chris Duarte
March 9 Introduction to the Kakeya problem Izabella Laba
March 16 The finite field Kakeya problem Kelan Zhai