Advice: Pi is not pi

Maple uses Pi , not pi , for the constant 3.14159.... pi is just an unassigned name that can be used for a variable.

Pi and pi both look like [Maple Math] in typeset output. You can lprint an expression to tell them apart, or use has .

If you prefer to type
pi rather than Pi , you can assign pi the value Pi :

> pi:= Pi;

But it's better to get used to using Pi so as to be compatible with other people's work.


> a:= pi*r^2 <> Pi*r^2;

[Maple Math]

> evalf(a);

[Maple Math]

> lprint(a);

pi*r^2 <> Pi*r^2

> has(lhs(a),pi);

[Maple Math]

> has(rhs(a),pi);

[Maple Math]

See also: Pi , lprint , has

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