Plotting error: invalid FONT specification

The font , titlefont , axesfont , and labelfont options in plot commands specify the font to be used for text objects (produced by textplot or textplot3d ), title, numbers at the axis tickmarks, and axis labels respectively. See the list of acceptable options under font in the help page plot[options] .

Note in particular that the font type and style must be written in uppercase.


Incorrect font style (it could be ITALIC instead of OBLIQUE which only applies to COURIER and HELVETICA ):

> plot(x,x=0..1,title=Test,titlefont=[TIMES,OBLIQUE,16]);

Plotting error, invalid FONT specification

Font type not capitalized:

> plot(x,x=0..1,title=Test,titlefont=[Times,Roman,16]);

Plotting error, invalid FONT specification

Correct form:

> plot(x,x=0..1,title=Test,titlefont=[TIMES,ITALIC,16]);

See also: plot[options] , plot3d[options]

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