Error: object too large

A sum in Maple is allowed to have no more than [Maple Math] terms, and a product no more than [Maple Math] factors. This limit is sometimes exceeded in calculations that suffer from "combinatorial explosion". A typical case where this arises is in finding the determinant or inverse of a matrix with many symbolic entries. In the case of "det" you can try det(..., sparse) , which uses an expansion-by-minors method that may reduce the sizes of intermediate expressions. Otherwise try to reorganize your calculation so the expressions will not be so large (e.g. if possible use numeric rather than symbolic values).

There is a 64-bit Maple which is available on DEC Alpha and some other platforms, and does not have this limitation. But combinatorial explosion can defeat even 64-bit Maple, creating expressions that use up all available memory or take forever to compute.


> biglist:= [ seq(a[j],j=1..2^16)]:

> bigsum:=convert(biglist,`+`):

Error, object too large

> bigprod:=convert(biglist,`*`):

Error, object too large

See also: det

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