Syntax error: missing operator or ';'

Maple's parser came to the point in your input where it has now put the cursor and discovered an error: two things occur next to each other that are not allowed to do so. They must be separated by an operator (e.g. + , - , * , / or ^ ) or separated into different statements by ; or : .

The most common cause of this error is omitting the * for multiplication. Another is omitting the parentheses after a function such as sin . These are the two most important ways in which Maple input differs from normal mathematical notation: multiplication requires a sign, and all functions require parentheses around their arguments.

You can check your input line for syntax errors without attempting to execute it by clicking the check-mark button on the context bar.


> 3 a + b;

Syntax error, missing operator or `;`

> 3*a + b;

[Maple Math]

> sin x;

Syntax error, missing operator or `;`

> sin(x);

[Maple Math]

See also: context bar , arithmetic operators , functions

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