Warning: incomplete statement or missing semicolon

Maple provides this warning when you press Enter on an input region that is incomplete, typically because it doesn't end with : or ; . You need one of these to end any Maple command or expression to evaluate (except for quit , a help request with ? , system escape with ! , or comment with # ). Your Maple command can extend over several lines, so this message doesn't indicate an error. It's just a reminder that if you really are finished the command, you still need that : or ; .

Similarly, this warning occurs if you started a for or if statement but did not include the concluding od or fi .

If you wish to type multiline inputs without seeing the warnings, you can press Shift-Enter (i.e. Shift and Enter at the same time) instead of Enter. This produces another line in the input region, but no new > prompt. Or just keep typing on the same line: Maple will go to the next line automatically when this one is full.

See also: separator , for , if

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