The University of British Columbia Colloquium 
2002-03: Fridays 3pm Math Annex Room 1100 (occasionally Mondays)  

The colloquium will normally take place in the Math Annex room 1100 at 3:00pm on Fridays and there will be tea and cookies in the math lounge at approximately 2:45pm. Occasionally, the colloquium will be on a Monday in which case it will be at 4:00pm in the Math building, room 203.

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Schedule of this year's talks:

September 5 
Friday, 3pm 
John Heywood 
A curious phenomenon in a model problem,
suggestive of the hydrodynamic inertial range and smallest scale of motion
September 12 
Friday, 3pm  
Aaron Bertram 
(University of Utah) 
Localizing to get Relations in Cohomology  
September 19 
Friday, 3pm  
Jingyi Chen 
Recent progress of mean curvature flow in higher codimension  
September 26 
Friday, 3pm  
Brian Wetton 
A Simple but Comprehensive Fuel Cell Model  
October 3 
Friday, 3pm  
Thamay Chellathurai 
(University of Waterloo) 
Dynamic Portfolio Selection with Fixed and/or Proportional Transaction Costs
using Non-Singular Stochastic Optimal Control Theory 
October 10 
Friday, 3pm  
Yue-Xian Li 
A Model of Calcium Waves and a Theory of Waves in Inhomogeneous Media  
October 17 
Friday, 3pm  
Kai Behrend 
October 24 
Friday, 3pm  
Shicheng Wang 
(Peking University) 
Certain dynamics on 3-manifolds and embedding open 3-manifolds into 3-space  
October 31 
Friday, 3pm  
Michael Lacey ;
(Georgia Institute of Technology) 
Convergence of Fourier Series: Past, Present, Future  
November 7 
Friday, 3pm  
Jon Wolfson 
(Michigan State) 
Lagrangian Cycles and Volume  
November 14 
Friday, 3pm  
Oded Schramm 
Scaling limits of random 2D processes  
November 21 
Friday, 3pm  
John Urbas ;
(Australia National University) 
Self-similar solutions of Gauss curvature flows.  
December 9th 
Tuesday, 3pm  
Karl Rubin ;
(Stanford University) 
The Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture for elliptic curves  
December 11th 
Thursday, 3pm  
Alejandro Adem 
(University of Wisconsin) 
Periodic Complexes, Fixity and Group Actions  
January 12th 
Monday, 4pm,
Room Math 203  
Robert McCann 
(University of Toronto) 
Phase transitions and symmetry-breaking in singular diffusion.  
January 16th 
Friday, 3pm  
Ozgur Yilmaz 
(University of Maryland) 
Approximation Theory of Quantization of Redundant Expansions  
January 23rd 
Friday, 3pm  
Nitya Kitchloo 
(Johns Hopkins University) 
Topology of Infinite dimensional groups  
January 26th 
Monday, 4pm,
Room Math 203  
Ulrich Horst 
(Humboldt University of Berlin) 
The mathematical modelling of market microstructure  
January 30th 
Friday, 3pm  
Daniel Dugger 
(University of Oregon) 
Motivic homotopy theory and some applications  
February 2nd 
Monday, 4pm,
Room Math 203  
Emina Soljanin 
(Bell Labs) 
Frames in Quantum and Classical Information Theory  
February 6th 
Friday, 3pm  
Gordan Zitcovic  
(Carnegie Mellon University) 
Maximizing utility in financial markets  
February 9th 
Monday, 4pm,
Room Math 203  
Adam Oberman 
(University of Texas at Austin) 
Building solutions to nonlinear elliptic and parabolic partial differential equations.  
February 13th 
Friday, 3pm  
Murti Salapaka 
(Iowa State University) 
MultiObjective Robust Control  
February 20th 
Friday, 3pm  
No Colloquium -- Spring break 
February 23rd 
Monday, 4:00pm  
Burak Erdogan 
(University of California, Berkeley 
Distance set problem and weighted Fourier extension estimates  
February 26th 
Thursday, 4:00pm
Room MATH 229
Xiaochun Li 
(University of California, Los Angeles 
Hilbert transform along a C1+e vector field  
February 27th 
Friday, 3pm  
Yuval Peres 
(University of California, Berkeley and
Microsoft Research) 
Point processes, the stable marriage algorithm, and Gaussian power series  
March 5th 
Friday, 3pm  
Giovanni P. Galdi 
(University of Pittsburgh) 
Mathematical Modelling of Non-Newtonian Fluids with Applications.  
March 19th  
Friday, 3pm  
Greg Martin 
Prime number races  
March 26th 
Friday, 3pm  
Bruce Sutherland 
(University of Alberta) 
Internal Wave Tunnelling  
April 2nd 
Friday, 3pm  
Ravi Vakil  
(Stanford University) 
A geometric Littlewood-Richardson rule  
April 5th 
Monday, 4:00pm  
Richard Kenyon 
(Universite Paris-Sud) 
Asymptotic shapes of crystalline surfaces  
April 27th 
Tuesday, 3:00pm  
Ben Green  
Arithmetic progressions of prime numbers.  
April 30th 
Friday, 3:00pm
Room Math 100  
Vitaly Bergelson 
(Ohio State University) 
Ergodic Theory Along Polynomials and Ramsey Theory  

This page is maintained by Jim Bryan, the UBC colloquium chair for 2003-2004. Does this page seem familiar?