Selected Papers and Preprints
Counting Invariant Curves: A Theory of Gopakumar-Vafa Invariants for Calabi-Yau threefolds with an Involution, with Stephen Pietromonaco. arXiv:2203.12077
Paper by my PhD student Stephen Pietromonaco: G-invariant Hilbert Schemes on Abelian Surfaces and Enumerative Geometry of the Orbifold Kummer Surface arXiv:2011.14020
G-fixed Hilbert schemes on K3 surfaces, modular forms, and eta products, with Adam Gyenge. arXiv:1907.01535
Paper by my PhD student, Nina Morishige: Genus zero Gopakumar-Vafa invariants of the Banana manifold. arXiv:1909.01540
The Donaldson-Thomas partition function of the banana manifold. Appendix with Stephen Pietromonaco. arXiv:1902.08695
Master's thesis of Stephen Pietromonaco: An introduction to modern enumerative geometry with applications to the banana manifold. arXiv:1905.07085
CHL Calabi-Yau threefolds: Curve counting, Mathieu moonshine and Siegel modular forms. With Georg Oberdieck. arXiv:1811.06102
Locally Maximally Entangled States of Multipart Quantum Systems. With Samuel Leutheusser, Zinovy Reichstein, and Mark Van Raamsdonk arXiv:1801.03508
Existence of Locally Maximally Entangled States via Geometric Invariant Theory. With Zinovy Reichstein and Mark Van Raamsdonk Journal link. arXiv:1708.01645
Donaldson-Thomas invariants of local elliptic surfaces via the topological vertex. With Martijn Kool arXiv:1608.07369
Trace identities for the topological vertex. With Martijn Kool and Ben Young Journal link. arXiv:1603.05271
Master's thesis of Leo Hsu: Formal-local Structure of the Hilbert Scheme of Points on Three-Dimensional Complex Affine Space around Special Monomial Ideals UBC Link.
Curve counting on abelian surfaces and threefolds. With Georg Oberdieck, Rahul Pandharipande, and Yin Qizheng arXiv:1506.00841
Donaldson-Thomas theory of K3xE via the topological vertex. arXiv:1504.02920
Curve counting invariants for crepant resolutions. With David Steinberg. arXiv:1208.0884
Motivic Classes of Commuting Varieties via Power Structures. With Andrew Morrison. arXiv:1206.5864
The Orbifold Topological Vertex. With Chuck Cadman and Ben Young. arXiv:1008.4205
Motivic degree zero Donaldson-Thomas invariants. With Kai Behrend and Balazs Szendroi. arXiv:0909.5088
BPS invariants for resolutions of polyhedral singularities. With Amin Gholampour. arXiv:0905.0537
Generating functions for colored 3D Young diagrams and the Donaldson-Thomas invariants of orbifolds.   appendix to a paper by Ben Young. arXiv:0802.3948
The Quantum McKay Correspondence for Polyhedral Singularities.   With Amin Gholampour. arXiv:0803.3766
Hurwitz-Hodge integrals, the E6 and D4 root systems, and the Crepant Resolution Conjecture.   With Amin Gholampour. arXiv:0708.4244
Roots systems and the quantum cohomology of ADE resolutions.   With Amin Gholampour. arXiv:0707.1337
The Crepant Resolution Conjecture.   With Tom Graber. TEX DVI math.AG/0610129
Super-rigid Donaldson-Thomas invariants.   With Kai Behrend. math.AG/0601203
The Orbifold Quantum Cohomology of C^2/Z_3 and Hurwitz-Hodge integrals.   With Tom Graber and Rahul Pandharipande. math.AG/0510335
The local Gromov-Witten theory of curves.   With Rahul Pandharipande. math.AG/0411037
On the rigidity of stable maps to Calabi-Yau threefolds.   With Rahul Pandharipande. math.AG/0405204
The closed topological vertex via the Cremona transform.   With Dagan Karp. math.AG/0311208
Curves in Calabi-Yau 3-folds and Topological Quantum Field Theory.  With Rahul Pandharipande. math.AG/0306316
Surface bundles over surfaces of small genus.   With Ron Donagi.  Published in "Geometry and Topology" math.AG/0105203
Surface bundles: some interesting examples.   With Ron Donagi and Andras Stipsicz.
BPS states of curves in Calabi-Yau 3-folds.   With Rahul Pandharipande.   Published in "Geometry and Topology" math.AG/0009025
Multiple cover formulas for Gromov-Witten invariants and BPS states (for the Proceedings of the conference ``Algebraic Geometry and Integrable Systems Related to String Theory" in RIMS, June 2000)
Evidence for a conjecture of Pandharipande math.AG/0008036
Multiple covers and the integrality conjecture for rational curves in Calabi-Yau threefolds.   With Sheldon Katz and Conan Leung. math.AG/9911056
G-Bundles on Abelian surfaces, Hyperkahler manifolds and Stringy Hodge numbers.   With Ron Donagi and Conan Leung. math.AG/0004159
Counting curves on Irrational surfaces.   With Conan Leung.
Generating functions for the number of curves on Abelian surfaces.   With Conan Leung. math.AG/9802125
The enumerative geometry of K3 surfaces and modular forms.   With Conan Leung. alg-geom/9711031
Orbifold Euler characteristics and the number of commuting n-tuples in symmetric groups.   With Jason Fulman. math.CO/9712248
Seiberg-Witten Theory and Z/2^p actions on spin 4-manifolds dg-ga/9704010
Seiberg-Witten a la Furuta and genus bounds for classes with divisibility
Instantons on S^4 and  \bar{CP^2}, rank stabilization, and Bott periodicity.   With Marc Sanders. alg-geom/9612008
The Rank Stable Topology of Instantons on \bar{CP^2}.   With Marc Sanders. alg-geom/9610008
The multi-monopole equations for Kahler surfaces.   With Richard Wentworth.
The relative Donaldson invariants of \bar{CP^2}

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