The Flow Behavior of LCPs Based on a Generalized Doi Model with Distortional Elasticity *

G. Sgalari,  L. G. Leal and J. J. Feng
J. Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 102, 361-382 (2002)
Abstract - We consider the flow behavior of LCPs, modeled via the Doi theory including the extended mean-field nematic potential due to Marrucci and Greco to account for distortional elasticity. After discussing the constitutive model that derives from this starting point, we utilize finite-element methods to investigate the LCP behavior in non-homogeneous 2D flows. We begin with planar shear flows. We assume that the LCP is pinned at the walls and it is initially in its equilibrium configuration. The goal of our simulations is to explore the evolution of the LCP structure and the flow, including the possibility of in-plane tumbling instabilities, out-of-plane tipping of the director and the formation of disclinations leading to a final steady state.

* A shorter version of this paper has been presented at the XIIIth Int. Congr. Rheol., Cambridge, UK. August, 2000. See Proc. XIIIth Int. Congr. Rheol., Edited by D. M. Binding et al., Vol. 3, 239 - 241 (2000).