Stretching of an Electrically Charged Viscoelastic Jet

Feng, J. J.
J. Non-Newtonian Fluid Mech. 116, 55-70 (2003).
Abstract - A charged polymer jet may be accelerated and stretched by an external electric field in a process known as electrospinning. The process is governed by the interplay among electrostatics, fluid mechanics and rheology, and the role of viscoelasticity has not been fully explored before. This paper presents a slender-body theory for the stretching of a charged jet of Giesekus fluid. Results show strain-hardening as the most influential rheological property. It causes the tensile force to rise at the start, which enhances stretching of the jet. Further downstream, however, the higher elongational viscosity tends to suppress jet stretching. In the end, strain-hardening leads to thicker fibers.