A phase-field based hybrid lattice-Boltzmann finite-volume method and its application to droplet motion under electrowetting control

Junjie Huang, Chang Shu, James J. Feng & Yong Tian Chew

J. Adhesion Sci. Tech. 26, 1825-1851  

Abstract - A phase-field based numerical model combining the lattice-Boltzmann method (LBM) and the finite-volume method (FVM) is proposed and applied for the study of two-dimensional (2-D) droplet under electrowetting (EW) control by using alternating current (AC). The new model overcomes several limitations of the purely LBM-based method in interface dynamics, while keeping the key advantages of LBM for hydrodynamics. The model formulation is presented and some numerical issues are discussed. Droplet motions under EW control are investigated by using this method, with the focus on the effects of key control parameters on the induced droplet oscillation. This study may provide useful guidelines for mixing enhancement within the droplet by EW control.