Jacob Richey

Postdoctoral research fellow at University of British Columbia

Email: jfrichey(at)math.ubc.ca
Office: MATX 1220


My research is in combinatorial probability. Recently, I have been thinking about two interacting particle systems (ARW and the parking process), and a recovery problem for simple random walk.

Publications and preprints

  • A smooth transition from Wishart to GOE. JOTP, 2018.
  • Activated random walk on a cycle. AIHP, 2019.
  • Active phase for activated random walk on Z. Submitted to CMP, 2020.
  • Intersections of random sets. Submitted to JOAP, 2020.
  • Rumor source detection with multiple observations under adaptive diffusion protocols. To appear, IEEE 2020.
  • When random intersection graphs lose geometry, with Sebastien Bubeck and Miklos Racz. In preparation.
  • Recent talks

    Finding the source of a random diffusion

    Recent results on the phase transition for ARW on Z

    Other math

    Combinatorial processes

    Undergraduate honors thesis

    Collisions among random walks

    Sumsets in [0,1]

    Bridge articles

    Bridge conventions and bidding. An introduction to the basics of bridge I have used to teach friends and family about the game. Contains an explicit bidding tree for SAYC.

    Bridge articles. Some short articles I wrote to teach advanced bridge situations, e.g. squeezes and coups.