Jonathan Hermon

I am an assistant professor at the mathematics department at the University of British Columbia. From 2017 until 2020 I was a research associate in the Statistical Laboratory, part of the DPMMS at the University of Cambridge.

I received my PhD from UC Berkeley, where I was mentored by Allan Sly. Before coming to Cambridge I was a postdoc at the Faculty of Mathematics at the Weizmann institute of science, where I was mentored by Itai Benjamini, who was also my Master's advisor.

Research interests

  • My research is in discrete probability theory with a special emphasis on problems related to the theory of mixing times of Markov chains and the cutoff phenomenon. I am also working on particle systems and percolation. A common theme of my work is the study of Markov chains, particle system models and other statistical mechanics models on general graphs, or on large families of graphs, using some very "discrete probability" arguments, combined with some analysis. Research Statement
  • Papers

    Selected works

    Full list of publications [arXiv]


    • 28. Sensitivity of mixing times of Cayley graphs.
      With Gady Kozma. (2020). Preprint at arXiv.
    • 29. Modified log-Sobolev inequalities for strong-Rayleigh measures.
      With Justin Salez. (2019). Preprint at arXiv.
    • 30. Some inequalities for reversible Markov chains and branching random walks via spectral optimization.
      Preprint at arXiv.
    • 31. Cutoff for Random Walks on Upper Triangular Matrices.
      With Sam Olesker-Taylor (2021). Preprint at arXiv.
    • 32. Cutoff for Almost All Random Walks on Abelian Groups.
      With Sam Olesker-Taylor. (2021). Preprint at arXiv.
    • 33. Geometry of Random Cayley Graphs of Abelian Groups.
      With Sam Olesker-Taylor. (2021). Preprint at arXiv.
    • 34. Covering a graph with independent walks.
      With Perla Sousi. (2021). Preprint at arXiv.
    • 35. Mean Field Behavior during the Big Bang for Coalescing Random Walk.
      With Shuangping Li, Dong Yao and Lingfu Zhang. (2021). Preprint at arXiv.
    • 36. A direct comparison between the mixing time of the interchange process with "few" particles and independent random walks.
      With Richard Pymar. (2021). Preprint at arXiv.


  • Term 2, 2020: Mixing times of Markov chains (Math 608E). Slides of the first lecture.
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    Department of Mathematics
    The University of British Columbia
    1984 Mathematics Road
    Vancouver, BC, Canada V6T 1Z2
    Office: Math Annex 1224
    Email: jonathan.hermon(at)