Math 563: Mathematical Cell Biology (Graduate Course)

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Jan-April 2020

Instructor: Leah Edelstein-Keshet

Course Details

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General Information

Meetings: Class on Mondays 1:30-5:00PM in UBC Math Bldg Room 126. Tutorial: Thursday 10-11:30AM (same room).

On the week of Feb 3-7, we will not have a lecture on Monday. Instead, we will have a tutorial on Monday afternoon and a Morpheus presentation and tutorial (involving the Dresden group that developed Morpheus) on Thursday Feb 6 at 9:30-11AM in M126.

There may be other occasional changes to make up for weeks when Monday is a holiday.


The grading will be based on 4-6 homework sets (10% each), a short presentation of paper(s) from the literature (10%) and/or various class discussion and group work, and a final term project (30-40%).

Academic Conduct

Students are encouraged to work together and help one another in all respects. Assignments are meant as opportunities for learning. However, any material you submit for grading should be work you have written up on your own, in your own words, and that you understand completely. Copying calculations, code, or writing (from any source) without full and clear attribution is plagiarism, a form of academic misconduct not tolerated in any UBC course.

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