y Mathematical Cell-Biology Graduate Summer Course (UBC) May 1-31, 2012

Mathematical Cell Biology Graduate Summer Course

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, May 1-31, 2012

Instructor: Leah Edelstein-Keshet

Guest lecturers: Dimitrios Vavylonis, Jun Allard
William R. Holmes, Raibatak (Dodo) Das
(with seminars by Daniel Coombs, James Feng, Eric Cytrynbaum and Adriana Dawes)

Course Details

This course was partly sponsored by the PIMS International Graduate Training Center (IGTC) in Mathematical Biology

The relevant biological topics and mathematical background needed to understand current research in mathematical cell biology were be taught as part of this intensive course. Some background in (undergraduate) differential equations (ODEs, PDEs) was assumed.

Interested students were able to take this course for credit at UBC (Math 563) or at the affiliated western universities under the Western Dean's agreement. Lectures were be based at WMAX 216 at the UBC campus of the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS).

For more information: keshet@math.ubc.ca