Mathematical Cell Biology Graduate Summer Course

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, May 1-31, 2012

Instructor: Leah Edelstein-Keshet

If you are taking this course for credit at UBC (Math 563) or at the affiliated western universities under the Western Dean's agreement, here is additional information you'll want.

Course Grade

The course grade will be computed approximately as follows:

More detail

I will keep fairly tight due-dates for assignments, but your grade for homework will be based on the best N-2 out of N assignments, so in case you miss a couple of due-dates, it will not affect your grade. There will be roughly 2 assignments per week (total approx 8).

The project ahould involve ONE of the following:

The project should not just restate findings, nor should it just be a portion of your MSc or PhD thesis work.

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