Mathematical Cell Biology; May 2012

Mathematical Cell Biology; May 2012

Week 5

This is the project presentation week. The schedule of projects is below. We meet in WMAX 216 and talks start at 10:00AM each day. The talks are approximately 30 minutes each.

  • Tuesday May 29, 2012

    • Francois Faure, Universite' Joseph Fourier (UJF), INRIA, Grenoble, France,
      From Computer Graphics to Computational Biology

    • Rebecca Hiller
      Spindle Assembly checkpoint

    • Meghan Dutot
      Local Pulse Analysis applied to polarization models

    • Laura Liao
      Positional information and gradients

  • Wednesday May 30, 2012

    • May Anne Mata
      Glucose, Insulin, and beta cell dynamics

    • Tenghu Wu
      Reaction diffusion patterns

    • Jia Guo
      Transport of early endosomes on microtubules

  • Thursday May 31, 2012

    • Nagmeh Rezael
      Mechanics of invadopods

    • Brendan Thrasher
      Size regulation in cell organelles

    • Amanda Swan
      Diffusion of receptors on a cell membrane

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