Introduction to Topology

Math 426

Fall 2018

This course covers some of the essentials of point set topology and introduces key elements from algebraic topology. This will be covered, very broadly, in three parts:

Part 1: point set topology

Part 2: homotopy and the fundamental group

Part 3: further covering spaces and related topics

The course has two goals: It aims to give an overview that is accesible to anyone interested in learning about the subject, while at the same time, providing the key elements required for those choosing to continue on to Math 427 (Topics in Topology). Note that material from both of the prerequisites Math 321 (Real Variables II) and Math 322 (Introduction to Aglebra) will be assumed.

The image on the right was borrowed from The Inverse Homotopy by Tom Hockenhull (with permission); read the entire comic strip here.

              Lecture summaries