Integral Calculus with Applications to Physical Sciences and Engineering

Math 101

Winter 2021

This is a landing page for Math 101 Section 209, which meets Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 am. My name is Liam Watson. This course meets virtually and is administered centrally through Canvas; click here.

The main text for the course is CLP integral calculus textbook, which is a free online resource.

Please ask questions in class. If you have additional questions on the material, I will aim to stick around after lecture to answer them. Also, I will hold a virtual office hour Tuesdays from 1330 to 1430. I expect that the Piazza page for this course will be a good resource for getting many of your questions answered. If you have a question specific to our section, I am most easily reached by email at liam(at)math(dot)ubc(dot)ca.

The image on this page is borrowed from The Works of Archimedes, by T. L. Heath, published in 1897.