Student Seminar: Number Theory and Automorphic Forms

Organizers: Lior Silberman, Julia Gordon, Bill Casselman.

Contact: lior @ MATX 1112 604-827-3031

Fall 2013: Automorphic Forms and Representations

We will cover an introduction to adelic automorphic forms, using the references below. We will assume some algebraic number theory.


Meeting Title Speaker Notes & References
0. 5/9 Organization  
1. 11/9 Adelic Groups Li [7], [8]
2. 25/9 Representations and Flath's Theorem Athena [2], [4]
3. 2/10 (continued) —"—  
4. 9/10 Automorphic Forms Subhajit [1]
5. 23/10 Various remarks Lior  
6. 30/10 Cusp forms Radhika [5]
7. 6/11 Fourier-Whittaker expansion Subhajit [3]
8. 13/11 (continued) —"—  
9. 20/11 Integral representation of L-functions Lior [3]
10. 27/11 The Godement-Jacquet L-function Athena [6]


  1. A. Borel and H. Jacquet, Automorphic forms and automorphic representations, in the Corvallis proceedings.
  2. D. Bump, Automorphic Forms and Representations (CUP 1998).
  3. J. Cogdell, L-functions and Converse Theorems for GL_n, lecture notes from PCMI 2003.
  4. D. Flath, Decompositions of Representations into Tensor Products, in the Corvallis proceedings.
  5. I. Gelfand, M. Graev, I. Piatestki-Shapiro, Representation theory and automorphic functions (Generalized functions, vol. 6).
  6. R. Godement, H. Jacquet, Zeta functions of simple algebras (Springer 1972).
  7. V. Platonov and A. Rapinchuk, Algebraic Groups and Number Theory (Academic Press 1993).
  8. A. Weil, Adeles and algebraic groups (Birkhauser 1982).

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