Student Seminar: Number Theory and Automorphic Forms

Organizers: Lior Silberman, Julia Gordon, Bill Casselman.

Contact: lior @ MATX 1112 604-827-3031

Fall 2014: Continuation of Eisenstein Series

We will analytically continue the non-holomorphic Eisenstein series on the modular surface. This will both be an introduction to automorphic forms and to spectral theory. Very little background will be assumed.


Meeting Title Speaker Notes & References
1. 11/9 Introduction Lior Silberman  
2. 18/9 Hyperbolic geometry Reza Sadoughi  
3. 25/9 Maass forms, Fourier Expansion Subhajit Jana [4]
4. 2/10 Absolute convergence of Eisenstein series Ed Belk [6]
5. 9/10 Spectral Theory: Sobolev embedding, compact operators,
self-adjoint operators and the Laplacian
Lior Silberman [7]
6. 23/10 Analytical continuation of Eisenstein series I Qiang Zhang [2], [3]
7. 30/10 Analytical continuation of Eisenstein series II Athena Nguyen [2], [3]
8. 6/11 The spectral decomposition Lior Silberman [4]
9. 13/11 Rankin–Selberg Adela Gherga [4]
10. 20/11 p-adic analgoues David Roe  


Topics Author(s) Title Data
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[3] Continuation of E. Series Garrett Colin de Verdière's meromorphic continuation of Eisenstein series online
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