MATH 253 Section
Calculus III: Multivariabe Calculus
2017W Term 1

**** LATEST NEWS ****
  1. Sept. 12th: I have posted something on the Discussion Board on Canvas.
  2. Sept. 9th 8:50 p.m.: I have posted something in the Announcements section of Canvas.
  3. You should mostly look at Canvas for our course materials and Announcements.

Course Information
  1. Course information and syllabus: Main MATH 253 Website maintained by Prof. Colin Macdonald.

  2. This course takes place from the UBC Studios and is livestreamed. You will receive a link via email to the catalogue for class sessions. Information about this link is also found on the Canvas site for this section.

Instructor Information

Instructor: Mark Mac Lean
Email: maclean (domain:
Office: MATH 113
Phone: 604-827-3038 (I have no voice mail)
Hours: By appointment. I am also happy to answer questions by email and will arrange online office hours via youtube Live. The latter are likely to be in the evenings when I am working at home.

Online Course Material

Extra Problems

I will occasionally post interesting problems here that push the material in different directions.


There will be regular assignments, both written and on WebWork. Written assingments will be submitted online via Canvas (the replacement for UBC Connect). Mathematics is a subject one learns by DOING problems, so please take these assignments seriously.

Extra Notes

I will occasionally post extra notes and other commentaries in answer to questions or to expand on ideas in the course.

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