Math 420/507 - Real Analysis I - Fall 2016

Instructor: Malabika Pramanik
Office: 214 Mathematics Building
E-mail: malabika at math dot ubc dot ca
Lectures: Mon,Wed,Fri 9:00AM - 10:00AM in Room 202 of Mathematics Building.
Office hours: Wed 10-11AM, Fri 12-1PM or by appointment.

Course information

  • Course information handout containing syllabus and grading policies.
  • The final exam for the course has been scheduled on December 9, 7pm. Location BUCH B208.

  • Homework

    All the homework problems are from the textbook. Homework assignments will be collected at the beginning of class on the indicated day. Late homework assignments will not be accepted.

    Week-by-week course outline

    Here is a rough guideline of the course structure, arranged by week. The textbook pages are mentioned as a reference and as a reading guide. The treatment of these topics in lecture may vary somewhat from that of the text.