My teaching responsibilities for 2019-2020 were:

  • Term Two:

    Mathematics 121 Section 201 Honours Integral Calculus.

    Lecture MTWF 2:00-3:00 Math 102.

    Office Hours: Monday 12-1:50, Tuesday 11-noon in Math Annex 1207. And with Taeuk Nam on Friday 3-4 in LSK 300B

    The Final Exam will be on Thursday April 16 3:30-6pm on Collaborate Ultra. Make sure to sign on by 3:20. The exam will be emailed to you or posted on the course website (likely both)

    There will be office hours prior to the Final on Mon. April 13 (12-2) and Tues. April 14 (11-12) on Collaborate Ultra.

    Course outline.

    Mount Gardner Hike.

  • Term One:

    Mathematics 546 Section 101 Continuous Time Stochastic Processes.

    Lecture TTh 9:30--11:00, Math Annex 1118

    Office Hours: T11-12:15, W1:15-2:30 in Math Annex 1207

    Course outline.

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