Sven Bachmann

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics
228-1984 Mathematics Road
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z2,

Phone: 604-822-4605

Differential Geometry, Mathematical Physics, PDE (DG-MP-PDE)



Mathematical Physics; Here is a list of my publications

Last year, I gave an online seminar on some recent work, intended for a broad audience of mathematical physics

I am a editor of Mathematical Physics, Analysis and Geometry

Here is more about the seminar of the DG-MP-PDE group

I am a member of Quantum Information Theory @ UBC


Current: Math 100:103 Differential Calculus
Math 320:102 Real Variables 1
Past: Math 305:201 Applied Complex Analysis
Math 320:102 Real Variables I
Math 100:V01 Differential Calculus
Math 421/510:201 Functional Analysis
Math 305:201 Applied Complex Analysis
Math 100:701 Differential Calculus (Vantage College)
Math 609E:201 Topics in Mathematical Physics
Math 100:701 Differential Calculus
Math 305:201 Applied Complex Analysis
Math 223:101 Honours Linear Algebra
22 courses in mathematics and mathematical physics at LMU Munich and UC Davis
12 Bachelor's and Master's theses

If you are a student close to graduation thinking about your future, here is an old blog post I find enlightening.

Short CV

I was born in the shadow of these mountains, studied next to those, got my doctorate facing more mountains, explored those for a few years, moved closer the original ones, and am currently enjoying other wild peaks. Needless to say, I have been very lucky.

Here is a more complete version.