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Welcome to my homepage !

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Mathematics Department,
1984, Mathematics Road,
University of British Columbia,
Vancouver, V6T1Z2

Ph: (off) +1-604-822-3627
Office: Math Annex 1201
email: sujatha /at/ math.ubc.ca
Office hours: MWF: 11:30-12:30; Prior appointment preferred

Research Interests:

My initial area of research was the algebraic theory of quadratic forms. Currently, I work in the area of non-commutative Iwasawa theory. My research interests also include the study of motives.

Current Teaching

2019W: Matrix Algebra, Math 221 Section 203 (Term 2, 2018-2019) Course webpage

2019W: Algebraic Number Theory, Math 538 (Term 2, 2018-2019); MWF 10-11, Math 202.