Mathematics 309 - Spring 1998 - Topics in geometry

Spring term


1:30-2:30 M W F

Mathematics 103

Towards the end of the term, students will have to propose and carry out their own projects. You can even look at a previous year's projects.

Students will be given accounts in the Mathematics Department undergraduate computer laboratory, and will also be able to run GhostScript or GhostView on PC-compatible machines or Macintoshes elsewhere. The documentation below is in both PostScript and PDF formats. For reading PostScript you can use GhostView & GhostScript if you do not have another PostScript file browser. For PDF files Acrobat Reader is available from Adobe.

Course notes

Chapter 1 - Introduction to conic sections

Chapter 2 - Circles and cones

Chapter 3 - Kepler's Laws

Other course material

Circles in perspective

Solving Kepler's equation

Eigenvalues and eigenvectors