Lior Silberman's Addresses

Work email address: lior @ Math.UBC.CA
Personal email address: lior3.1415 @

My work phone is 604-827-3031. Send faxes (clearly addressed to me) to 604-822-6074. The full mailing address is

Lior Silberman
UBC Department of Mathematics
1984 Mathematics Road
Vancouver   BC   V6T 1Z2

At the Department

My office is 1112 in the Math Annex. I'm often out of the office, though, including for:

  1. Teaching.
  2. Seminars, including:
    1. Probability and Topology (Wednesdays),
    2. Number Theory (Thursdays),
    3. The Colloquium (Fridays)
  3. Talking to my students, often at MATH 126 or at the PIMS lounge.

Approximate schedule, Winter 2024

Time M T W Þ F
 8h   Math 100   Math 100  
 9h   Students  
10h   Student Math 538 Office Hours Math 538
12h     Group Meeting   Office Hours
13h   Students  
15h   Seminar   Colloquium

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